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Virtual Spring 2021 Session

Crain's Academy offers powerful, experiential professional development programming. Our programs bring together the best of personal development, professional growth, unmatched networking, leadership best practices and civic outreach to help you grow in business and beyond.

Totally unexpected and 100% worth it: Crain's takes what could be just another played out seminar and turns it into a truly inspiring journey around your personality, your career, and the city that you love!” -- Crain's Leadership Academy participant
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Crain's Leadership Development Expansion

Building on Crain's mission, "We Help You Succeed in Chicago," we launched Crain's Academy in 2015. Since then over 300 professionals have actively engaged in programs dedicated to identifying and leveraging their strengths, propelling them both professionally and personally to greater heights. Plus, graduates have built a diverse network of like-minded colleagues for ongoing support and community.

Facilitated Shared Learning Approach

Crain's Academy creates programs with cutting-edge content, taught by facilitators, practitioners, active CEOs and business leaders. Our approach leverages group dynamics, so everyone partakes in enhancing the value and success of your life, career and business.

Civic and Social Awareness

Crain's Academy is committed to helping you - and your company - succeed. We believe a well-rounded leader gives back to the community. Our curriculum incorporates exposure to social and civic issues and opportunities so we can be better informed leaders who make a positive impact.

Crain's Academy Returning Strong

You've been resilient through the extraordinary events of 2020. Now's the time to re-affirm your company culture and establish a collective vision of success, whether you're gathering in person or virtually. Our six-session, online program is designed to help your company accomplish strong team camaraderie through facilitated learning, peer coaching and guest leaders.

Program is designed for 15-50 team members. Please contact Jessica Dalka at jessica.dalka@crain.com for details and pricing.

Crain's Academy Custom Programs

Tailored, Empowering, Inspiring

Sometimes only a tailored approach to leadership development will suit an organization's needs. Crain's Academy can act as an extension to your training and development curriculum, or it can take the lead in developing and implementing a program suited to your goals and objectives. This may be a full day team build workshop, a 3-day retreat or a 3-to 12-month residency program.

Leadership programs are available for the new workforce, new hires, middle management and the c-suite. Delivered virtually, onsite to your team or at Crain's Café, overlooking Millennium Park.

If you would like to discuss a custom program, please contact Jessica Dalka at jessica.dalka@crain.com