Crain's Leadership Academy


In one sentence, how would you describe Crain's Leadership Academy to a friend or colleague?

“Totally unexpected and 100% worth it: Crain's takes what could be just another played out seminar and turns it into a truly inspiring journey around your personality, your career, and the city that you love!”

“An opportunity to learn about yourself, your leadership style, and your city.”

“The CLA is a great professional development opportunity offering just the right mix of practical insights from leaders across Chicagoland, the latest thinking in leadership theory, and exposure to servant leaders in action.”

“The best program I have seen to develop a well rounded leader.”

“Leadership Academy was a great opportunity to connect with serious business professionals, an opportunity to take time for self exploration, and provided framework to think about leadership in context of the broader Chicago community.”

“An eye-opening opportunity to discover and grow as a leader, while also being exposed to Chicago business and cultural community.”

“Holistic leadership training with a focus on self-awareness, developing strong meaningful networks, and discovering truly what makes Chicago a great city.”

Crain's Leadership Academy
Crain's Leadership Academy
Crain's Leadership Academy


“Crain's Leadership Academy was a great opportunity for self exploration, exposure to civic leaders, and exposure to new ideas around leadership and team building. This is a great opportunity to grow professionally and as a person.”
--Ben Rubin, Principal, Head of M+A, Intergro Insurance Brokers, Inc.

“Crain's Leadership Academy was a dynamic and inspiring personal development experience that is perfect for emerging leaders in Illinois. It's a must-do program for rising stars in business, government, and the non-profit sectors who will learn how to harness their strengths while gaining valuable insight and knowledge from some of Illinois' best known leaders.”
-- Mark Denzler, Vice President & COO, Illinois Manufacturers' Association

“Crain's Leadership Academy was well worth the time to pause from a busy schedule and reflect on my career and potential. The classes were very well facilitated and the experience has given me new professional energy.”
-- Melissa Ginter, Market CFO, Great Lakes, Aetna

“It has taught me how to be a better leader, a better employee, a better partner, a better parent, and a better human being. Overall, I am a better "Kristen" because of this class. Thank you Crain's and Flank 5!”
-- Kristen Nowak, Vice President, Service at RES Group LLC

“The CLA offered just the right mix of practical insights from leaders across Chicagoland and the latest thinking in leadership theory. Each session was singularly thought-provoking. The rich conversations with my academy classmates were a definite highlight. Most importantly, getting to know emerging leaders from such a broad span of industries made Crain's Leadership Academy an essential grounding in what it takes to lead effectively in Chicago.”
-- Dale Tampke, Assistant Provost, Student Academic Services, Loyola University Chicago

“The Crain's Leadership Academy offered me a rare opportunity to focus on and elevate the 'Power of Me,' and the result has made a positive impact on my company, my team, my family, and my community.

I appreciate the learning format and structure of Crain's Leadership Academy. It's diversity was phenomenal with everything from self-assessments, speakers, discovery activities, and networking opportunities used to educate us on how leadership looks and manifests itself in many different ways.

The one nugget that I carry with me from my time as a member of Crain's Leadership Academy C1 is "shine by reflective light", a quote from Bill Osborn, former CEO of Northern Trust & Chairman of The Board of Trustees for Northwestern University, shared this enlightening perspective on leadership with us. I am fond of it and appreciate it because I think it speaks to the essence of what Crain's Leadership Academy imparted in me and it is what great leaders do.”
-- Kristian May Stewart, SVP, Strategy, Analytics & Research, Commonground