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Crain's Academy debuted Launch for Young Professionals

Launch: An intensive full-day program designed for new hires to discover individual strengths, interests, values and unique expertise with the lens of professional development. Join us as we recap the kick off session.

Knock Knock ...Who's There? A Learner, a People Person & an Achiever. Welcome Crain's Leadership Academy C5 Class!

Crain's Academy hosted the fifth Crain's Leadership Academy cohort with thirty professionals across 14 industries.

Crain's Academy graduate named acting President and CEO of Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Crain's Academy interviewed Michael Reever on his recent transition to acting President and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Everyone faces challenges in business and for CEOs and Presidents this can be particularly grueling. Crain's Academy has heard from CEOs who are looking to scale and transform their business and we are excited to introduce Crain's CEO Collective.

Taking the First Step and Next Step

Being open to new things is an attractive quality. When we see “openness” in others, we admire it – we praise them for bravery, living in the present. . . being risk takers.

Crain's Academy Alums Top Crain's Fast 50 List

Several Crain's Academy Alum companies share a prizewinning trait: their revenues grew at a rate faster than the rest and they show no signs of slowing down!

Upcoming Professional Events

Looking to connect with fellow alums? Check out these upcoming opportunities to connect.

Building Future Leaders – Crain's Launch Debuts

Do you have a new hire on your workforce? Recent grads and young professionals need to start their career on the right foot.

Email Overload - How to Spend 40 Percent Less Time on Email

Email is a challenge for all of us. We can't diagnose the "problem" until we know the patterns and behaviors (symptoms, to continue the medical analogy) for us.

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